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Sharon Gal SOLO - Light n Shadow

SOLO LIVE  with projection - Various

Sharon Gal various solo performances Light & Shadows
Sharon Gal's SOLO @Bastard Assignments 2017 Photo by Dimitri Djuric

Live @ Bastard Assignments

Sharon Gal with Andie Brown performance @ COLOUR OUT OF SPACE festival 2013

Colour Out Of Space Festival

Performance for Music Hackspace 15.08.2013   Hackthebarbican @The Barbican, London

Live @ Hack the Barbican

Sharon Gal SOLO  2013   Hackthebarbican @The Barbican, London Visuals - Blanca Regina
Sharon Gal performing her composition For Anton Webern  @ Rich Mix London 2014

For Anton Webern Live @ Rich Mix London

Sharon Gal 2018 @ OTO Project Space

With Charles Hayward @ Cafe OTO Project Space

Sharon Gal SOUND MATTER @ Cafe OTO 2015


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