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Etudes is a collection of scores and propositions for voice. Presented as a deck of 78 cards, with colour on one side and text on the other, it is a catalyst that inspires and triggers the imagination. Etudes invites you to play, contemplate, explore, and expand your thinking, practice and performance.


It can be used by drawing a single card from the shuffled pack, or as a set of instructions to be combined. You can choose intuitively from any of the colours, or let chance influence the outcome.

Etudes pertains to the oracular and traditions of divination and mysticism: the path of learning, personal growth, awareness and self-knowledge. Its creation was informed by a series of collaborative compositions directed by Sharon Gal over the past 12 years, exploring composition as a shared resource. 

The work is situated within art and music practices, using text and graphic scores, improvisation, art and language. It connects to the Fluxus performance workbook and also the ‘Scratch Book’ by the Scratch Orchestra, with whom Sharon was directly involved.


The limited edition was created as part of  Sound and Music’s ‘New Voices 2019’ artist programme and was co-produced with ‘Unpredictable Series’. 

The work will be introduce in early 2021 with a series of talks, workshops and performances

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“Sharon Gal’s Etudes creates wonder and mystery out of apparently very simple elements: the cards seem to reflect numerous deep influences…..” Steve Beresford