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Interdisciplinary Artist    Vocal Experimentalist    Performer    Composer   

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Voice  //  Electronics  //  Musical Instruments // Objects // Field Recordings // Video

Free Improvisation  //  Participatory Large group Performances // Radio // Collage

My work relates to sound, architecture, live performance and participatory art. It explores embodiment, presence, listening, the psychology of sound and the relationship between people, sound and space.


I perform solo, and in collaboration​​​​​​​​​​s with David Toop, Steve Beresford, Phil Minton & Feral Singers, Andie Brown, Yoni Silver, Steve Noble, Alex Ward, Charles Hayward, Anat Ben David, Blanca Regina and Lina Lapelyte.

Since 2007 I have been directing/conducting a series of spatial compositions and participatory, large group performances; exploring the inter-relations between people and place. These pieces are site specific,, experimental democratic and collaborative, inviting the public; musicians and non-musicians to take part. This work offers artistic engagement, play, and creative exchange, as a means to learning and bringing together, presenting a shared space and collective ownership: ​L'esprit d'escalier ​– for voices in a staircase, Sound Out for a large group of voices in a public space. Toy Orchestra – for children and adults, Long Drone for a large ensemble of various instruments, Gals with Guitars – for female guitar players,  Feel the Noise for a large ensemble of electric guitars & micro amps.


​​​​​​​​​I am a co-founder of arts radio, Resonance 104.4 FM​​​​​​​​​​,  and have​​ been presenting and producing many programmes, including​​​​​​​​​​ the weekly show, ​Diggers,​​​​​​​​​​ with Edwin “Savage Pencil” Pouncey, ​​Venus Rising, ​​​​​​​​​​​In Search of Inspiration, and  Stereo Ciliaa weekly sound-diary, documenting my journeys in Babylondon; exploring its multi-lingual sonic world and urban sounds .

I released five solo albums and other collaborations with various labels: The Tapeworm, American Tapes, My Dance the Skull, Fractal Meat Cuts,  Visible Near Midnight Recordings, Ecstatic Yod , Ash International, A Silent Place Records,  Chocolate Monk, Emanem Records, Paradigm Records, Wild Silence.


Most recent solo releases  Delicious Fish  & The Garden of Earthly Delights

I perform in the UK & internationally. Past performances include; The V&A, Science Museum, ICA, The Whitechapel Gallery, Arnolfini Gallery, Tate Modern & Tate Britain, MACBA,  and Colour Out of Space, Borealis, Supernormal ,Supersonic and TUSK festivals.


I participatee in Sound and Music’s New voices' artist programme (Sept 2019 -  March 2021) and have just published a collection of texts and colour scores and propositions, presented as a deck of cards.



(See more under selected performance)


September   Etudes by Sharon Gal is added to the British Music Collection and can be accessed in person & online. University of Huddersfield Archives

May              Vocal & electronics performance working with 13 speakers,  surround sound system by sound artist Christian Duka. Iklectik London

April              BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra’s Tectonics Festival – Performing  with Andie Brown. Recorded by BBC RADIO 3



October        The Golem Rescored – Composing a new score for this cult 100 years old film

September    CD launch BUTCHER/GAL/TOOP Until The Night Melts Away @Cafe OTO

March           Published Etudes with 2 online presentations, artist talk and a film 


October        Presenting a new film/performance at Tusk Festival. A duo with YOL

March          The Spirit- Performing a live music score in Thibault Delférière's Trilogy at Battersea Arts Centre


September  Curator and performer- Sound Matter @ Cafe OTO.  With Andie Brown, Mark Wastell & Luigi Marino


October       Curator / performer Sound Matter @ Cafe OTO.  With David Toop  &  Áine O’Dwyer

September   Curator/ performer SHAPE SHIFTING@ Cafe OTO + Charles Hayward , Yoni Silver, Adaya Godlevsky

July              Co- curator / performer : EnCOUnTErs: BIRDSONG @ Cafe OTO. With Lee Patterson & Kate Carr.

                    Recorded by BBC RADIO 3 Hear and Now.

April             FEEL the NOISE - Collaborative performance for a large ensemble of electric guitars & micro amps. Goldsmiths large Hall  London

January        ELEKTRICK LYCANTHROPE - Curator (with Edwin Pouncey) Performing MELTAOT (with Sav X). Café OTO. London

                    DELISIOUC FISH - A concert to launch a new release, with Steve Beresford, Tasos Stamou & Thodoris Ziarkas. Café OTO. London


October        A premiere of my composition Étude (for 3 voices) performed by the Juice Ensemble. City University London

August         Solo Performance. Lost Senses at Guest Projects

July              Solo performance. Sonic Waterloo Festival. London

June             FORM to FREEDOM – Curator and performer. Iklectik Art Lab. London

                    Solo + a duo with Andie Brown + leading a vocal workshop. The ART of IMPROVISERS Festival. Café OTO. London

April -           Mami Wata with Andie Brown.

February -    Solo performance - Bastard assignments/ New Teeth series. London

                     Solo. Clapton Sessions. The Depo. London


December-   SOUND OUT participatory group composition for voice(s) and movement. What Happens To Us   Wimbledon Space.London

August -       Gals with Guitars - Performance to Camera. V22/Louise House. London

May -           The Ecology of The Voice –This is a voice exhibition. The Wellcome Collection. London

                     Solo – Fringe, Outsides & Underground conference. Goldsmiths University


December-    Sound Matter II - Curator + performing a duo with David Toop. Cafe OTO. London

October -      Premiere of Hearing Colour , a new composition for orchestra without a conductor. Filthy Lucre. London

September - Addendum. Audio- visual performance relating to the life and work of R. D. Laing. Freud Museum. London

August -        Solo performance + directing a participatory vocal performance. Supernormal Festival. UK

​June -           Sound Out -  a participatory performance for a large group of voices. V&A Museum. London​


Dec-             Curating a concert of experimental music by women with Jennifer Walshe, Vicki Bennett & my duo with Andie Brown. Café OTO. London

November     For Anton Webern – Solo. Audio-visual performance . Kakania. Rich Mix. London

July -            Sound Matter - Curator and performing a duo with David Toop. Cafe OTO. London

                     Performing solo and running a vocal workshop at the Optophonic festival in Sheffield.

May -            Crossing Map, a duo with artist Liliane Lijn. The Exponential Horn: In Search of a Perfect Sound. The Science Museum.London

March -         Voice & Guitar - BEYOND TRADITION. Curator & Performer. Cafe OTO. London


November -  Duo with Andie Brown. Colour Out of Space Festival

April -           Gals with Guitars - The Vortex. London

March -        Voice Extraordinaire. Curator & performer.Cafe OTO. London

January -     Gals with Guitars & L'esprit d'escalier at Arnolfini Gallery. Bristol  


April -         Gals with Guitars (acoustic) - Deptford Town Hall. London


October-     Gals with Guitars (acoustic) - This Is Not a School. 5 Years Gallery. London

July-            Long Drone - Composition/Performance. Raven Row Gallery. London

May -          L'esprit d'escalier - Goldsmith's Deptford Town Hall. London

April -         Gals with Guitars - Collaborative composition for electric guitars. Elevator Gallery. London​


July -           Long Drone performed at Venus Rising event. The magnificent basement. London

February -  L'esprit d'escalier Composition/performance for a group of voices in a staircase. Old Town Hall, Tel Aviv. Israel


November - Toy Orchestra and two vocal performances. Calling Out Of Context festival. ICA. London

July -           Room to Breathe - Participatory performance. London

April & September - Toy Orchestra - collective music making & performance. London and Colour Out Of Space festival

June -         Solo performance - Breaking Voices: Thinking through Practice - University of the Arts. London​


September -  The Happening - Curator and performer in a 4 days,site specific, performance/sound event which included more than

                     50 participants. V22 Gallery. London

February -     2 Solo performances - Christie's Auction House and Thin Cities Festival: Platform for Art. Heathrow Terminal 4. London


​November -   Voice & Electronics - Colour Out Of Space Festival. Brighton

October -      Duo performance - Abaton Gallery. New Jersey. USA

​1996-2006 -  VOLTAGE  - Improvising trio. Various performances. London & festivals

​​1992-1995 -  MOUTHCRAZY

​1988-1990 -  Vocalist & Songwriter, Where's Adam



1998/2002- current   Resonance104.4FM Arts radio for London - Co - Founder

Producing and presenting weekly shows; Diggers, Venus Rising, In search of Inspiration and the sound diary, Stereo Cilia

In 2013 I was commissiond together with artist Liliane Lijn to recreate her book, Crossing Map, as a radiophonic sound piece


Exhibitions / ART



SWEET MEAT - New Collage work. Coffee is my cup of Tea. London


DRAWINGS - Sweet Pricillia NJ USA


We Can Remember it For You - Abaton Gallery NJ USA  

​T​he Group -Transition Gallery. London​​


Pathologic- OLS&CO Gallery. London


The Things I do - Installation & Performance - The Foundry. London​

Group Shows




SPACES of MAKING – Collage & text piece for new pamphlet series. The Fringe and Underground Music Group. Goldsmiths University of London


Art of Improvisers exhibition. OTO Project space. London


Colour Out Of Space. Brighton


Summer Show - NOVAS Gallery. Camden.London


August - Total ASBO - Pogo Cafe. London

May - Circle of Sound - Sound Art at The Foundry. London             

February - S​oul Mining - Three artists show, Transition Gallery. London


Performance to camera - Under My Skin, 60 Seconds,Dark Light film festival Dublin. Ireland+ 291 Gallery + Space Twotentwo London

Love N Bullets -Transition Gallery. London

Neurovision - A&D Gallery. London


NTH art collective - OLS&CO Gallery. London


Three artists show -The Islington Arts Factory. London


Demons& Icons series at the Kaleidoscope Gallery. London


2010 - 2012   community Music - Certificate in Workshop Skills (Music). Goldsmiths University   

​2018-2023    Visiting Research Fellow (Music) Goldsmiths University  London


Awards & Commissions

2019   New Voices artist programme – SOUND and MUSIC

2017   Dance On The Radio commission for the piece Dancing Body Dancing Mind

2015   The Philadelphia  Association 50th anniversary commission - ADDENDUM / R. D. Laing

2014 Austrian Cultural Forum/ Kakania Commission- FOR ANTON WEBERN

2013 The Jerwood Charitable Foundation commission for the radiophonic adaptation of CROSSING MAP with  artist Liliane Lijn   
2013 -  Francis Chagrin award for composition.  Supporting Gals with Guitars at the Vortex

2012 - Goldsmith's Annual Fund for Gals with Guitars



2022   'Sweet Meat' collages are published in AMBIT magazine, POP edition

2020   Etudes – A collection of text & colour scores presented as a deck of 78 cards. With Sound and Music UK

2018   Spaces of Making - The Fringe& Underground Music Group. Goldsmiths University

2017   Connecting the Dots - ART of IMPROVISERS Catalogue. Text and images.

2016   SGFA Zine. CRiSAP / Her Noise Archive.

2012​   This is Not a School Book - Gals with Guitars text and images. 5 Years Gallery. ISBN 9781- 903724- 071

Selected Performances

Periodic performances - Boat Ting London


John Butcher/ Sharon Gal/ David Toop @ Iklectic  London

MELTAOT my duo with Edwin Pouncey performing @Rough Trade East London

 Lucy Railton/ Caroline Kraabel/ Sharon Gal/  Sophie Fetokaki @Cafe OTO London


A Solo + a duo with Andie Brown. AMA presents. Huddersfield

Sue Lynch' PARADISE YARD @ Iklectik. London

SOLO – Eastern Ear  5 years Anniversary. Norwich


Duo with Sue Lynch @ Iklectik, London


Duo with Steve Beresford @ Iklectik, London

Duo with John Russell. Part of Art Night, London

CANDY SHOP @ Living Kunsthalle. National Theatre, Prague 

Trio with David Toop and John Butcher. Café OTO London

CANDY SHOP - Performing  Lina Lapelyte’ opera. Fondation Cartier, Paris

Paradise Yard -  Performing in Sue Lynch' new composition. Iklectik, London


Duo with Charles Hayward @ OTO Project Space

Solo @ Café OTO Supporting Wolf Eyes/Universal Eyes

ELECTRIC LYCANTHROPE –  Curating a night of Black Metal with my duo MELTAOT and EARTH’ Guitarist Dylan Carlson. Café OTO London

Paradise Yard -  Performing in Sue Lynch' new composition inspired by the work of Delia Derbyshire. Iklectik. London

Paradise Yard -  Performing live music accompanying the premier of a new film by Kim Noce. LSFF @ ICA London


SOLO. Clapton Sessions. The Depo. London

CANDYSHOP– performing  Lina Lapelyte’ opera. Museu d'Art Contemporani  Barcelona

Trio with Shmil Frankel & Uri Frost. Chanoot Tel Aviv

KAIROS - Anat Ben-David' OpeRaArt. The V&A London + Jerusalem Israel

Trio with Shmil Frankel & Yael Barolsky. Zimmer Tel Aviv. Israel

Performing in KAIROS, Anat Ben-David new OpeRaArt. Stanley Picker Gallery. Kingston University


Solo performance - Mopomoso festival. Iklectik London

Solo performance - Linear Obsessional Live in the Park. London

Presence & Resonance - Running a 2 day workshop with performance. Iklectik London

Music for Falling Leaves - Curator and one of the performers. Iklectik London

Solo performance - No news from Nowhere.London

Solo performance – Praxis. London    


Solo performance - Poesia Carnosa festival. Rome. Italy

Solo performance - Embedded Sound Symposium. UEL, London

Feral Singers at The Barbican London.

Candy Shop at Borealis Contemporary Music Festival. Bergen Norway + CA2M Madrid & The Other The Self Festival, Brussels, Belgium

2 performances - Duo Voice & Harp , with Adaya Godlevsky @ Teiva + Trio @ Chanut. Tel Aviv. Israel


Hunky Bluff - Performing Lina Lapelyte's new commission at The Serpentine Pavilion. London

The Scratch Orchestra -  Nature Studies - Chisenhale Dance Space. London

The Voice and The Lens - Performing with Lina Lapelyte at the Whitechapel Gallery. London

Performing in Lina Lapelyte's Candy Shop & FM at David Roberts Arts Foundation & Queen Elisabeth Hall. London


The Music Hackspace Performances @ HacktheBarbican - Solo performance at the Barbican centre. London.

Thurston Moore's night of Heliocentric Duo Exchange - Performing with Andie Brown , with Thurston Moore & Dylan Nyoukis,

Byron Coley & Savage Pencil. Cafe OTO. London

Candy Shop - Lina Lapelyte's new opera at COUNTERFLOWS Festival. Glasgow​


The Wire magazine's Cage Rattling. Kings Place. London​

John Cage's Song Book at Toynbee Studios. London

Feral Singers at Hard Rock Calling Festival. Hyde Park. London​

SOUND::GENDER::FEMINISM::ACTIVISM seminar- presenting Gals with Guitars. London College of communication

Tate Modern Turbine Hall - Performing Paulin Oliveros' 'To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation'


Spectrum XII Festival - Composition for voice and strings. Conway Hall. London​

Solo performance - Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam. Holland​

Feral Choir at the British Museum


Toy Orchestra and two vocal performances. Tel Aviv. Israel


Feral Choir at Tate Britain

​​Periodic performances. Boat Ting. London

The Equinox Festival - Playing bass with Pestrepeller. London

2008               ​

SUBERBIA performance night curated by Lee Campbell. The Foreign Press Association. London​

​OMSK performance night. Cable Street Studios. London

​Curator and performer - Piano night at Cafe OTO. London


The Curse of Me - performance night curated by Lee Campbell. The Boiler House, The Old Truman Brewery. London

2003- Current

Periodic performances at Hagada Hasmalit and The Zimmer. Israel



Music Release

UNTIL THE NIGHT MELTS AWAY -  A trio with John Butcher and David Toop. Shrike records 2021


SOLO – Live @ Café OTO. Digital download. Café OTO Label 2019


THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS – Solo. Visible Near Midnight recordings 2018


DELICIOUS FISH - Solo. Fractal Meat Cuts 2018

ART of IMPROVISERS - 2 new tracks with David Toop. Unpredictable Series 2017


MAMI WATA -  A duo with Andie Brown. Wild Silence Label 2017


VARIOUS: WOMEN FLUX - A duo with David Toop. Psych.KG Label 2017


VOICE STUDIES - Solo. My Dance the Skull 2015

BIRDSONGS  - Solo. The Tapeworm 2014


MELANCOHOLIC - solo 7". American Tapes 2012


MELTAOT A duo with Sav X /Bruce.Gilbert.  Ash International 2010              ​



MELTAOT - First and Second Rites. The Tapeworm ​2009

PESTREPELLER - As Wolf. A Silent Place Records 2009

Broken Brain - Women Compilation. Chocolate Monk 2006            

The Gathering - For John Stevens. Emanem Records ​2003 


VOLTAGE 2000. Hand to Mouth 2000

VARIATIONS 3​. London Compilation. Paradigm Records 1999 ​​

VOLTAGE -  Hand to Mouth 1997


MOUTHCRAZY - Open/Openwide. Ecstatic Yod​ 1996



Work/ training


2012 - current - Teaching voice, improvisation and extended technique.


​1991- current ​​Tai Chi (Taijiquan) and Qigong (Chi Kung) - Practice and Teaching


1990-1996 Alexander Technique and Body Awareness with Michal Segal and Jean Gibson


​1988- 1995 Freelance Journalist - UK column for HADASHOT newspaper & Israeli Radio

​1987  Moving to London from Israel


​1985-1987 Music journalist for HAARETZ newspaper

​1984-1986 Producer and Music editor. The arts & Culture department. IDF Radio

​1983- 1986 Performing with STANZ, a post punk band


​1982  Bass playing with MEGAHERTZ


​1981-1982 Bass studies with  Arnon Palti

​1977-1982 Dancing with pioneer dancer, choreograph and teacher; Yardena Cohen​


​1977-1982  Rubin Music Conservatoire - Music theory, Piano, Composition, Improvisation

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