10th March 7.30 The Horse @ Iklectik London A duo with Sue Lynch (tenor sax/clarinet)

Also performing - The Trento Group- David Ryan (bass clarinet/piano), Andrew Blick (trumpet/pedals), Jame Scott Brooks(bass), Hutch Demouilpied (trumpet/flute), William Crosby (guitar),Simon Fisher Turner (mac+piano).
The Remote Viewers Trio- David Petts (tenor sax/composer), Adrian Northover (alto sax), John Edwards (double bass).



12th/13th/14th of March 8pm. The Spirit @ Battersea Arts Centre

A collaboration with Belgian performer Thibault Delferiere. Combining physical theatre with visual art and live music, Delferiere pushes at the limits of experience in a way that few artists would dare.

Featuring musicians 

Giuseppe Lomeo (guitar - Feb 27-29), Steve Noble (drums - Mar 5-7) & Sharon Gal (voice/electronics - Mar 12-14)

A new part of the trio will be performed each week. See them individually or experience all three.
Running Time: 60 mins Price: £10 - £12.50



Recent Activity

From Études - a new body of work: a collection of compositions suitable for any voice 

I joined Sound and Music's programme, New Voices 2019


A new digital download of my solo performance at Cafe OTO in September 2018


The Garden of Earthly Delights, my new limited edition release with Visible near midnight recordings is available here


Listen to the first track, Speak and Spells featuring a talkative Starling

Performances from the EnCOUnTErs concert at Cafe OTO, exploring birds and their sound(s), was aired on BBC 3's Hear and Now and is available online - Tom McKinney introduces live performances by three artists working with birdsong: Sharon Gal, Lee Patterson and Kate Carr. Recorded at London's Cafe Oto in July.

New collage for the pamphlet/printed  and online edition series 'Spaces of Making' published by The Fringe and Underground Music Group at Goldsmiths. Based broadly on themes of physical, digital, social and conceptual/ideological space, the first run of pamphlets features contributions from artists and musicians Charles Hayward, Marlo Delara, Sharon Gal and Richard Phoenix. https://www.gold.ac.uk/music/research/fringe-underground-music-group/

The new track Bloo was played on BBC's Late Junction.

It follows a conversation with Robert Wyatt ( Bloo playing at 1.03.00).


Etude for 3 voices (V), from my new release, Delicious Fish, is included in The Wire Magazine's Office Ambience. 

Listen here -  https://www.thewire.co.uk/audio/tracks/office-ambience-408

Solo performance @ Lost Senses 16.08.17 Photo by Linda Rocco

A recording of my piece Etude (for 3 Voices), composed for the Juice Vocal Ensemble and premiered by the trio in October at City University, as part of their concert celebrating the work of Meredith Monk.





Mami Wata is the first release by the London based duo of Andie Brown and Sharon Gal. Working with Glass, Voice, Electronics and field recordings, their music is experimental, mysterious and atmospheric. The duo has been collaborating over the past few years, performing at Café OTO and Colour Out Of Space Festival in Brighton. They were also featured on Peak Signal 2 Noise TV.

My duo with David Toop, Voice Extraordinaire/ Live @ Cafe OTO  is included in Various ‎– women flux fort ins nitrof xlu fnem ow.



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