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Forthcoming performances, events & activities

8th  July 2024.jpg

8th July 7.30pm  - Bridewell Theatre Bar

Headline duo set with Saxophonist Sue Lynch as part of this new venue for experimental and improvised music at the heart of London

14 Bride Lane, Fleet Street,EC4Y 8EQ




https __cdn.evbuc.com_images_676451229_568406022873_1_original.jpg

10th July  7.45pm  ONe_Orchestra New @ The Vortex London

Joining large group, ONe Orchestra for 2 set(s) of music

Line-up: To be confirmed but likely to include most of the following:

Khabat Abas – Cello Rosalie Bell – Dance Regan Bowering – Percussion Dee Byrne – Alto Sax Isidora Edwards – Cello Lisa Elde – Voice Jacken Elswyth – Banjo Damsel Elysium – Violin, Double Bass Kirsty Ferguson-Lewis – Voice

Sharon Gal – Voice Lu Greco – Dance Kirke Gross – Cello Lara Jones – Soprano Sax Charlotte Keeffe – Trumpet

Shima Kobayashi – Chromatic Harmonica Olga Ksendzovska – Piano, Voice, Trombone Caroline Kraabel – Alto Sax

Sue Lynch – Tenor Sax, Flute, Clarinet Greta Pistaceci – Theremin/Electronics Shama Rahman – Sitar Cath Roberts – Baritone Sax Maya Leigh Rosenwasser – Piano/Electronics Emily Shapiro – Clarinets Rosa Theodora – Piano, Marimba Sofia Vaisman-Maturana – Cello Beibei Wang – Percussion Emi Watanabe – Flutes Maureen Wolloshin – Oboe

Iklectika 2024.jpg

14th July 1pm - Iklectika 2024 @ The Colour Factory, Hackney Wick

Celebrating 10 years to Iklectik and joining The Horse Improvising Ensemble  feat. Maggie Nicols,

Steve Beresford, Adam Bohman, Sue Lynch, Adrian Northover, John Butcher, Caroline Kraabel, Hutch Demouilpied, John Edwards, Benedict Taylor, Steve Noble & Sharon Gal


performing as part of Iklectika Experimental Music and Book Fair

No Computers_edited.jpg

20th July 2pm - NO COMPUTERS @ The OLD Church, Stoke Newington

A welcome return of my duo with phenomenal Bass Clarinet player Yoni Silver

Performing as part of No Computers a recurring improv music event series at ‘The Deck’ which is a covered outdoor space behind the The Old Church  in Stoke Newington.

The event is free and open to the public and the format is a feature act followed by an open improvisation where anyone can play regardless of background, ability or status. This event occurs on the last* Saturday afternoon of every other month.

Previous / Other / Highlights

New track on my Bandcamp site - Piano Music - First Movement is the first composition from a new body of work focusing on the Piano. It brings together several recordings of improvised piano playing, which are reworked, reshaped electronically and juxtaposed.
All the sounds originate from the piano, which is the only sound source used for this composition.

The Sampler Mixtape

I made a mix tape for SOUND and MUSIC with music by Iancu Dumitrescu, Tasos Stamou,

Adam Bohman, John Edwards/Steve Noble/Yoni Silver, Anat Ben-David, Cornelius Cardew & Maja Jantar  Listen here

Or here

Two collages from the Sweet Meat series are published in the AMBIT POP Magazine with guest editor Savage Pencil

Sweet Meat collage by Sharon Gal in the AMBIT POP Magazine june 2022
Sweet Meat collage by Sharon Gal in the AMBIT POP Magazine june 2022

My track The Call is included in the 2022 mix tape by NXR Records

It is mixed in at 1:47:10  more info, links & Listen -

Image from video created by Sharon Gal for her online performance @ Make It Up Club Australia

Etudes by Sharon Gal now reside with the British Music Collection Archive.

I spoke to Sound and Music's Heather Blair about the work     Interview

Etudes cards by Sharon Gal

My track, The World Between Us, is included in Vol. 2 of the Navel Gazing compilation which features new and unheard sounds from all the people interviewed on the blog this year. Proceeds from Navel-Gazing go to the Mind charity for mental health.

With - Zhu Wenbo, Li Song, Yan Jun, Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman, Sharon Gal, Bablicon , Breaking Up In The Atmosphere, Fossil Aerosol Mining Project, Beatriz Ferreyra, Cheer, Goh Lee Kwang , Constance/Nyoukis, Kate Carr, The James Worse Public Address Method, Omphalopticon

Please have a listen and support if you can

There is an online shop for my small collages. The works presented will rotate, with a small number of works on display. Come and have a look

Angel of Anarchy collage series by Sharon Gal 2022
Angel of Anarchy collage series by Sharon Gal 2021

I’m excited to be one of the composers included in The Golem Rescored. Together with Reboot, we created a new score for the classic 1920 silent horror film. The series of eight episodes is LIVE and each episode features amazing commentary about the film. 

Featuring new scores by: Threshing Floor (Alan Licht, Gretchen Gonzales Davidson, Rebecca Odes, John Olson, Nate Young) / Meg Baird, Charlie Saufley and Jeremiah Lockwood / Universal Eyes (members of Slumber Party and Wolf Eyes) / Michael Morley / Sharon Gal / Marika Hughes and Shahzad Ismaily / ∈Y∋ / Scott Amendola,

Steven Drozd and Steve Berlin


Commentary from guests including: Kate Scelsa, Maya Barzilai, Ken Goldberg, Jeremiah Lockwood, Justin Sledge, Mitch Horowitz, Riva Lehrer and Ina Archer.

Hosts: John K Bucher and Torri Yates-Orr


Check it out  @


​JOHN BUTCHER / SHARON GAL / DAVID TOOP  -  Until The Night Melts Away

CD release on Shrike records


Review of the CD:

Cover of the CD release  UNTIL THE NIGHT MELTS AWAY  by John Butcher Sharon Gal David Toop for Shrike  Records

A  publication -  ETUDES a collection of scores & propositions presented as a deck of 78 cards

ETUDES by Sharon Gal  A deck of 78 cards

An interview with Andrew Ciccone for  N A V E L - G A Z E R S

My collaboration with YOL for the TUSK Festival

Digital images by Sharon Gal

Digital art by Sharon Gal created from the video VOWELS & SYLLABLES

EtudeS Vowels & Syllables. Film images by Sharon Gal 2020

Digital art by Sharon Gal created from the video VOWELS & SYLLABLES

Another track by MELTAOT (Sharon Gal & Sav X) - This with a word Another with a whisper, on Bandcamp

Cover for the Voice Studies cassette release by Sharon Gal for My Dance The Skull Label

Re-release of my VOICE STUDIES tape  

With this review by Joe Posset


From this most delicate throat sprouts beautiful sonic ferns and gaseous air bubbles, both as peaty as twelve year Island malt.

Lou Reed once spoke about wanting to make music for adults. Sharon Gal makes adult music alright; confident and self-assured yet wise enough to be humble.

This music knows its place in a wild, wild world. It asks for no favour, no razzmatazz, and presents itself honestly and with quiet nobility.

Mouth and breath, teeth, lips and tongue combine in complex arrangements. A shiver of electronics adds an otherworldly glimmer. While side one focuses on dolphin communication reversing into a darkly muttered hex side two is (in it’s entirety) the topography of that worried gasp you make as the sea slowly closes over your head. File under adult indeed.

Cover image for the digital release of Sharon Gal's solo performance at Cafe OTO in September 2018

A digital download of my solo performance at Cafe OTO in September 2018

Sharon Gal's artwork and the cover of her limited edition CD release The Garden of Earthly Delights, for Visible near Midnight recordings Label

The Garden of Earthly Delights, a limited edition release with Visible near midnight recordings. Listen to the  track, Speak and Spells featuring a talkative Starling

Performances from the EnCOUnTErs concert at Cafe OTO, exploring birds and their sound(s), was aired on BBC 3's Hear and Now and is available online - Tom McKinney introduces live performances by three artists working with birdsong: Sharon Gal, Lee Patterson and Kate Carr. Recorded at London's Cafe Oto in July.

One of 2 collages by Sharon Gal for the pamphlet/printed  and online edition series 'Spaces of Making' published by The Fringe and Underground Music Group at Goldsmiths University
One of 2 collages by Sharon Gal for the pamphlet/printed  and online edition series 'Spaces of Making' published by The Fringe and Underground Music Group at Goldsmiths University

New collage for the pamphlet/printed  and online edition series 'Spaces of Making' published by The Fringe and Underground Music Group at Goldsmiths. Based broadly on themes of physical, digital, social and conceptual/ideological space, the first run of pamphlets features contributions from artists and musicians Charles Hayward, Marlo Delara, Sharon Gal and Richard Phoenix.

Cover art for Sharon Gal's solo release,Delicious Fish, on the Fractal Meat Label

The track Bloo was played on BBC's Late Junction.

It follows a conversation with Robert Wyatt ( Bloo playing at 1.03.00).

Etude for 3 voices (V), from my release, Delicious Fish, is included in The Wire Magazine's Office Ambience. 

Listen here -

Solo performance by Sharon Gal @ Lost Senses 2017 Photo by Linda Rocco

Solo performance @ Lost Senses 16.08.17 Photo by Linda Rocco

A recording of my piece Etude (for 3 Voices), composed for the Juice Vocal Ensemble and premiered by the trio in October at City University, as part of their concert celebrating the work of Meredith Monk.




Cover image by Sharon Gal for the CD MAMI WATA, a duo with Andie Brown released on Wild Silence label 2017

Mami Wata is the first release by the London based duo of Andie Brown and Sharon Gal. Working with Glass, Voice, Electronics and field recordings, their music is experimental, mysterious and atmospheric. The duo has been collaborating over the past few years, performing at Café OTO and Colour Out Of Space Festival in Brighton. They were also featured on Peak Signal 2 Noise TV.

My duo with David Toop, Voice Extraordinaire/ Live @ Cafe OTO  is included in Various ‎– women flux fort ins nitrof xlu fnem ow.


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