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Audio-visual performance for Australian Make It Up Club  30.11.21 


Home Brew was created for the Noise Quest 5 event (17th June 20)

I'm playing a piano board with electronic system by Moshi Honen

From the album BIRDSONGS

Étude No.1

Sea Song Recorded in 2012 for the 7" Melancoholic Words and music by Robert Wyatt

Bloo from my solo release Delicious Fish

The Fractal Meat Cut Label 2018

1980's video UK TV   - The Tube (C4)

  Colour Out Of Space festival 2006

Performance for Music Hackspace 15.08.2013 

Hackthebarbican @The Barbican, London.

Visuals - Blanca Regina. Recorded by Edward Walker.

Sound Recordings: Tom Webster and Andrew Page.




Commissioned in 2014 for Kakania, a project exploring the legacy of the Habsburg era through contemporary, original works of text and art. This piece relates to songs composed by Anton Webern, and in particular, song cycle, “Fünf Lieder” Op. 3, which was significant in the development of Webern’s early atonal style. It developed from manipulations and layering of short segments of vocal recordings, fractured phrases and isolated sections of vocal expressions, which where expanded and brought together, emerging as a rich and orchestral sounding tapestry - haunted memories of bygone days.

Summer Candy Winter Magic 2012/2015

The cover art of Sharon Gal's solo release Birdsongs by Savage Pencil
Byron Coley's  Wire Magazine review of Sharon Gal's BIRDSONGS release for The TAPEWORM label

The Wire Magzine September 2014

Sharon Gal solo cassette release VOICE STUDIES 19 for My Dance The Skull label
Byron Coley's  Wire Magazine review of Sharon Gal's  release for AMERICAN  TAPES label

The Wire Magazine 2012

Sharon Gal's solo release for American Tapes Label

UNDER MY SKIN - Performance to camera. 2002/2005

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