Interdisciplinary Artist    Vocal Experimentalist    Performer    Composer   

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Voice  //  Electronics  //  Musical Instruments // Objects // Field Recordings // Video

Free Improvisation  //  Participatory Large group Performances // Radio // Collage

My work relates to sound, architecture, live performance and participatory art. It explores embodiment, presence, listening, the psychology of sound and the relationship between people, sound and space.


I perform solo, and in collaboration​​​​​​​​​​s with David Toop, Steve Beresford, Phil Minton & Feral Singers, Andie Brown, Yoni Silver, Steve Noble, Alex Ward, Charles Hayward, Anat Ben David, Blanca Regina and Lina Lapelyte.

Since 2007 I have been directing/conducting a series of spatial compositions and participatory, large group performances; exploring the inter-relations between people and place. These pieces are site specific,, experimental democratic and collaborative, inviting the public; musicians and non-musicians to take part. This work offers artistic engagement, play, and creative exchange, as a means to learning and bringing together, presenting a shared space and collective ownership: ​L'esprit d'escalier ​– for voices in a staircase, Sound Out for a large group of voices in a public space. Toy Orchestra – for children and adults, Long Drone for a large ensemble of various instruments, Gals with Guitars – for female guitar players,  Feel the Noise for a large ensemble of electric guitars & micro amps.


​​​​​​​​​I am a co-founder of arts radio, Resonance 104.4 FM​​​​​​​​​​,  and have​​ been presenting and producing many programmes, including​​​​​​​​​​ the weekly show, ​Diggers,​​​​​​​​​​ with Edwin “Savage Pencil” Pouncey, ​​Venus Rising, ​​​​​​​​​​​In Search of Inspiration, and  Stereo Ciliaa weekly sound-diary, documenting my journeys in Babylondon; exploring its multi-lingual sonic world and urban sounds .

I released five solo albums and other collaborations with various labels: The Tapeworm, American Tapes, My Dance the Skull, Fractal Meat Cuts,  Visible Near Midnight Recordings, Ecstatic Yod , Ash International, A Silent Place Records,  Chocolate Monk, Emanem Records, Paradigm Records, Wild Silence.


Most recent solo releases  Delicious Fish  & The Garden of Earthly Delights

I perform in the UK & internationally. Past performances include; The V&A, Science Museum, ICA, The Whitechapel Gallery, Arnolfini Gallery, Tate Modern & Tate Britain, MACBA,  and Colour Out of Space, Borealis, Supernormal ,Supersonic and TUSK festivals.


I participatee in Sound and Music’s New voices' artist programme (Sept 2019 -  March 2021) and have just published a collection of texts and colour scores and propositions, presented as a deck of cards.



(See more under selected performance)


October        The Golem Rescored – Composing a new score for this cult 100 years old film

September    CD launch BUTCHER/GAL/TOOP Until The Night Melts Away @Cafe OTO

March           Published Etudes with 2 online presentations, artist talk and a film 


October        Presenting a new film/performance at Tusk Festival. A duo with YOL

March          The Spirit- Performing a live music score in Thibault Delférière's Trilogy at Battersea Arts Centre


September  Curator and performer- Sound Matter @ Cafe OTO.  With Andie Brown, Mark Wastell & Luigi Marino


October       Curator / performer Sound Matter @ Cafe OTO.  With David Toop  &  Áine O’Dwyer

September   Curator/ performer SHAPE SHIFTING@ Cafe OTO + Charles Hayward , Yoni Silver, Adaya Godlevsky

July              Co- curator / performer : EnCOUnTErs: BIRDSONG @ Cafe OTO. With Lee Patterson & Kate Carr.

                    Recorded by BBC RADIO 3 Hear and Now.

April             FEEL the NOISE - Collaborative performance for a large ensemble of electric guitars & micro amps. Goldsmiths large Hall  London

January        ELEKTRICK LYCANTHROPE - Curator (with Edwin Pouncey) Performing MELTAOT (with Sav X). Café OTO. London

                    DELISIOUC FISH - A concert to launch a new release, with Steve Beresford, Tasos Stamou & Thodoris Ziarkas. Café OTO. London


October        A premiere of my composition Étude (for 3 voices) performed by the Juice Ensemble. City University London

August         Solo Performance. Lost Senses at Guest Projects

July              Solo performance. Sonic Waterloo Festival. London

June             FORM to FREEDOM – Curator and performer. Iklectik Art Lab. London

                    Solo + a duo with Andie Brown + leading a vocal workshop. The ART of IMPROVISERS Festival. Café OTO. London

April -           Mami Wata with Andie Brown.

February -    Solo performance - Bastard assignments/ New Teeth series. London

                     Solo. Clapton Sessions. The Depo. London


December-   SOUND OUT participatory group composition for voice(s) and movement. What Happens To Us   Wimbledon Space.London

August -       Gals with Guitars - Performance to Camera. V22/Louise House. London

May -           The Ecology of The Voice –This is a voice exhibition. The Wellcome Collection. London

                     Solo – Fringe, Outsides & Underground conference. Goldsmiths University


December-    Sound Matter II - Curator + performing a duo with David Toop. Cafe OTO. London

October -      Premiere of Hearing Colour , a new composition for orchestra without a conductor. Filthy Lucre. London

September - Addendum. Audio- visual performance relating to the life and work of R. D. Laing. Freud Museum. London

August -        Solo performance + directing a participatory vocal performance. Supernormal Festival. UK

June -           Sound Out -  a participatory performance for a large group of voices. V&A Museum. London


Dec-             Curating a concert of experimental music by women with Jennifer Walshe, Vicki Bennett & my duo with Andie Brown. Café OTO. London

November     For Anton Webern – Solo. Audio-visual performance . Kakania. Rich Mix. London

July -            Sound Matter - Curator and performing a duo with David Toop. Cafe OTO. London

                     Performing solo and running a vocal workshop at the Optophonic festival in Sheffield.

May -            Crossing Map, a duo with artist Liliane Lijn. The Exponential Horn: In Search of a Perfect Sound. The Science Museum.London

March -         Voice & Guitar - BEYOND TRADITION. Curator & Performer. Cafe OTO. London


November -  Duo with Andie Brown. Colour Out of Space Festival

April -           Gals with Guitars - The Vortex. London

March -        Voice Extraordinaire. Curator & performer.Cafe OTO. London

January -     Gals with Guitars & L'esprit d'escalier at Arnolfini Gallery. Bristol  


April -         Gals with Guitars (acoustic) - Deptford Town Hall. London


October-     Gals with Guitars (acoustic) - This Is Not a School. 5 Years Gallery. London

July-            Long Drone - Composition/Performance. Raven Row Gallery. London

May -          L'esprit d'escalier - Goldsmith's Deptford Town Hall. London

April -         Gals with Guitars - Collaborative composition for electric guitars. Elevator Gallery. London​


July -           Long Drone performed at Venus Rising event. The magnificent basement. London

February -  L'esprit d'escalier Composition/performance for a group of voices in a staircase. Old Town Hall, Tel Aviv. Israel


November - Toy Orchestra and two vocal performances. Calling Out Of Context festival. ICA. London

July -           Room to Breathe - Participatory performance. London

April & September - Toy Orchestra - collective music making & performance. London and Colour Out Of Space festival

June -         Solo performance - Breaking Voices: Thinking through Practice - University of the Arts. London​


September -  The Happening - Curator and performer in a 4 days,site specific, performance/sound event which included more than

                     50 participants. V22 Gallery. London

February -     2 Solo performances - Christie's Auction House and Thin Cities Festival: Platform for Art. Heathrow Terminal 4. London


​November -   Voice & Electronics - Colour Out Of Space Festival. Brighton

October -      Duo performance - Abaton Gallery. New Jersey. USA

​1996-2006 -  VOLTAGE  - Improvising trio. Various performances. London & festivals

​​1992-1995 -  MOUTHCRAZY

​1988-1990 -  Vocalist & Songwriter, Where's Adam



1998/2002- current   Resonance104.4FM Arts radio for London - Co - Founder

Producing and presenting weekly shows; Diggers, Venus Rising, In search of Inspiration and the sound diary, Stereo Cilia

In 2013 I was commissiond together with artist Liliane Lijn to recreate her book, Crossing Map, as a radiophonic sound piece


Exhibitions / ART



SWEET MEAT - New Collage work. Coffee is my cup of Tea. London


DRAWINGS - Sweet Pricillia NJ USA


We Can Remember it For You - Abaton Gallery NJ USA  

​T​he Group -Transition Gallery. London


Pathologic- OLS&CO Gallery. London


The Things I do - Installation & Performance - The Foundry. London​

Group Shows


SPACES of MAKING – Collage & text piece for new pamphlet series. The Fringe and Underground Music Group. Goldsmiths University of London


Art of Improvisers exhibition. OTO Project space. London


Colour Out Of Space . Brighton


Summer Show - NOVAS Gallery. Camden.London


August - Total ASBO - Pogo Cafe. London

May - Circle of Sound - Sound Art at The Foundry. London             

February - S​oul Mining - Three artists show, Transition Gallery. London


​​​​​May - Performance to camera - Under My Skin, 60 Seconds,Dark Light film festival Dublin. Ireland+ 291 Gallery + Space Twotentwo London

February - Love N Bullets -Transition Gallery. London

January - Neurovision - A&D Gallery. London


NTH art collective - OLS&CO Gallery. London


Three artists show -The Islington Arts Factory. London


Demons& Icons series at the Kaleidoscope Gallery. London


2010 - 2012   community Music - Certificate in Workshop Skills (Music). Goldsmiths University   

​2018-2021     Associate Research Fellow (Music) Goldsmiths University  London


Awards & Commissions

2019   New Voices artist programme – SOUND and MUSIC

2017   Dance On The Radio commission for the piece Dancing Body Dancing Mind

2015   The Philadelphia  Association 50th anniversary commission - ADDENDUM / R. D. Laing

2014 Austrian Cultural Forum/ Kakania Commission- FOR ANTON WEBERN

2013 The Jerwood Charitable Foundation commission for the radiophonic adaptation of CROSSING MAP with  artist Liliane Lijn   
2013 -  Francis Chagrin award for composition.  Supporting Gals with Guitars at the Vortex

2012 - Goldsmith's Annual Fund for Gals with Guitars



2020   Etudes – A collection of text & colour scores presented as a deck of 78 cards. With Sound and Music UK

2018   Spaces of Making - The Fringe& Underground Music Group. Goldsmiths University

2017   Connecting the Dots - ART of IMPROVISERS Catalogue. Text and images.

2016   SGFA Zine. CRiSAP / Her Noise Archive.

2012​   This is Not a School Book - Gals with Guitars text and images. 5 Years Gallery. ISBN 9781- 903724- 071

Selected Performances

Periodic performances - Boat Ting London


A Solo + a duo with Andie Brown. AMA presents. Huddersfield

Sue Lynch' PARADISE YARD @ Iklectik. London

SOLO – Eastern Ear  5 years Anniversary. Norwich


Duo with Sue Lynch @ Iklectik, London


Duo with Steve Beresford @ Iklectik, London

Duo with John Russell. Part of Art Night, London

CANDY SHOP @ Living Kunsthalle. National Theatre, Prague 

Trio with David Toop and John Butcher. Café OTO London

CANDY SHOP - Performing  Lina Lapelyte’ opera. Fondation Cartier, Paris

Paradise Yard -  Performing in Sue Lynch' new composition. Iklectik, London


Duo with Charles Hayward @ OTO Project Space

Solo @ Café OTO Supporting Wolf Eyes/Universal Eyes

ELECTRIC LYCANTHROPE –  Curating a night of Black Metal with my duo MELTAOT and EARTH’ Guitarist Dylan Carlson. Café OTO London

Paradise Yard -  Performing in Sue Lynch' new composition inspired by the work of Delia Derbyshire. Iklectik. London

Paradise Yard -  Performing live music accompanying the premier of a new film by Kim Noce. LSFF @ ICA London


SOLO. Clapton Sessions. The Depo. London

CANDYSHOP– performing  Lina Lapelyte’ opera. Museu d'Art Contemporani  Barcelona

Trio with Shmil Frankel & Uri Frost. Chanoot Tel Aviv

KAIROS - Anat Ben-David' OpeRaArt. The V&A London + Jerusalem Israel

Trio with Shmil Frankel & Yael Barolsky. Zimmer Tel Aviv. Israel

Performing in KAIROS, Anat Ben-David new OpeRaArt. Stanley Picker Gallery. Kingston University


Solo performance - Mopomoso festival. Iklectik London

Solo performance - Linear Obsessional Live in the Park. London

Presence & Resonance - Running a 2 day workshop with performance. Iklectik London

Music for Falling Leaves - Curator and one of the performers. Iklectik London

Solo performance - No news from Nowhere.London

Solo performance – Praxis. London    


Solo performance - Poesia Carnosa festival. Rome. Italy

Solo performance - Embedded Sound Symposium. UEL, London

Feral Singers at The Barbican London.

Candy Shop at Borealis Contemporary Music Festival. Bergen Norway + CA2M Madrid & The Other The Self Festival, Brussels, Belgium

2 performances - Duo Voice & Harp , with Adaya Godlevsky @ Teiva + Trio @ Chanut. Tel Aviv. Israel


Hunky Bluff - Performing Lina Lapelyte's new commission at The Serpentine Pavilion. London

The Scratch Orchestra -  Nature Studies - Chisenhale Dance Space. London

The Voice and The Lens - Performing with Lina Lapelyte at the Whitechapel Gallery. London

Performing in Lina Lapelyte's Candy Shop & FM at David Roberts Arts Foundation & Queen Elisabeth Hall. London


The Music Hackspace Performances @ HacktheBarbican - Solo performance at the Barbican centre. London.

Thurston Moore's night of Heliocentric Duo Exchange - Performing with Andie Brown , with Thurston Moore & Dylan Nyoukis,

Byron Coley & Savage Pencil. Cafe OTO. London

Candy Shop - Lina Lapelyte's new opera at COUNTERFLOWS Festival. Glasgow​


The Wire magazine's Cage Rattling. Kings Place. London​

John Cage's Song Book at Toynbee Studios. London

Feral Singers at Hard Rock Calling Festival. Hyde Park. London​

SOUND::GENDER::FEMINISM::ACTIVISM seminar- presenting Gals with Guitars. London College of communication

Tate Modern Turbine Hall - Performing Paulin Oliveros' 'To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation'


Spectrum XII Festival - Composition for voice and strings. Conway Hall. London​

Solo performance - Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam. Holland​

Feral Choir at the British Museum


Toy Orchestra and two vocal performances. Tel Aviv. Israel


Feral Choir at Tate Britain

​​Periodic performances. Boat Ting. London

The Equinox Festival - Playing bass with Pestrepeller. London

2008               ​

SUBERBIA performance night curated by Lee Campbell. The Foreign Press Association. London​

​OMSK performance night. Cable Street Studios. London

​Curator and performer - Piano night at Cafe OTO. London


The Curse of Me - performance night curated by Lee Campbell. The Boiler House, The Old Truman Brewery. London

2003- Current

Periodic performances at Hagada Hasmalit and The Zimmer. Israel



Music Release

UNTIL THE NIGHT MELTS AWAY -  A trio with John Butcher and David Toop. Shrike records 2021


SOLO – Live @ Café OTO. Digital download. Café OTO Label 2019


THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS – Solo. Visible Near Midnight recordings 2018


DELICIOUS FISH - Solo. Fractal Meat Cuts 2018

ART of IMPROVISERS - 2 new tracks with David Toop. Unpredictable Series 2017


MAMI WATA -  A duo with Andie Brown. Wild Silence Label 2017


VARIOUS: WOMEN FLUX - A duo with David Toop. Psych.KG Label 2017


VOICE STUDIES - Solo. My Dance the Skull 2015

BIRDSONGS  - Solo. The Tapeworm 2014


MELANCOHOLIC - solo 7". American Tapes 2012


MELTAOT A duo with Sav X /Bruce.Gilbert.  Ash International 2010              ​



MELTAOT - First and Second Rites. The Tapeworm ​2009

PESTREPELLER - As Wolf. A Silent Place Records 2009

Broken Brain - Women Compilation. Chocolate Monk 2006            

The Gathering - For John Stevens. Emanem Records ​2003 


VOLTAGE 2000. Hand to Mouth 2000

VARIATIONS 3​. London Compilation. Paradigm Records 1999 ​​

VOLTAGE -  Hand to Mouth 1997


MOUTHCRAZY - Open/Openwide. Ecstatic Yod​ 1996



Work/ training


2012 - current - Teaching voice, improvisation and extended technique.


​1991- current ​​Tai Chi (Taijiquan) and Qigong (Chi Kung) - Practice and Teaching


1990-1996 Alexander Technique and Body Awareness with Michal Segal and Jean Gibson


​1988- 1995 Freelance Journalist - UK column for HADASHOT newspaper & Israeli Radio

​1987  Moving to London from Israel


​1985-1987 Music journalist for HAARETZ newspaper

​1984-1986 Producer and Music editor. The arts & Culture department. IDF Radio

​1983- 1986 Performing with STANZ, a post punk band


​1982  Bass playing with MEGAHERTZ


​1981-1982 Bass studies with  Arnon Palti

​1977-1982 Dancing with pioneer dancer, choreograph and teacher; Yardena Cohen​


​1977-1982  Rubin Music Conservatoire - Music theory, Piano, Composition, Improvisation