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Camera : Pierre bouvier patron

‘Feel the Noise’  -  28th of April 2018 @ Goldsmith's Large Hall London.

A spatial and immersive performance for a large ensemble of electric guitars & micro amps.

It is a living and evolving sound sculpture, introducing an inclusive and egalitarian approach to composition & performance through collaborative sound-making. 

Performers: Yoshiki Ichihara , Mike Whyte, , Donna Matthews, Rick Jensen, Christopher Bailey, Felix Macintosh, Suke Driver, Sam Enthoven, Victoria Major, Guy Harries ,Tarik Haskic, Dee R Fry, Jamie Turner, Jacqueline Grant, John McGrath, Shereen Elizabeth, Paul Reynolds, Geraint Warren, David Little, Alexandra McGlynn, Aurelia McGlynn-Richon, Edoardo Biscossi, Tom Richardson, Grahame Painting, Lisa McKendrick, Curt Parr, Klaemint Hofgaard , Steve Beresford, Ged Flood, Laura Sampson, Gryphon Rower-Upjohn, David Webb


Produced in collaboration with Unpredictable Series: Blanca Regina, Steve Beresford, Pierre Bouvier Patron, Alessandro Vangi and Tomi Osuna. Supported by the Fringe and Underground Music Group at Goldsmiths University and Sound and Music.

Gals with Guitars - Performance to Camera @ V22 Louise House. London August 2016

With: Jacqueline ford, Mandi Goodier, Jacqueline Grant, Ellen M Harris, Lisa Lavery, Phoenix Martins, Sophie McGrath

Camera: Emma Vickers Video: Sharon Gal

Gals with Guitars ​​ - Elevator Gallery 2011

A collaborative, large group composition & live performance for electric guitars.​ The piece invited participation from female players with/without previous experience of guitar playing and developed by exploring sound, patterns  traditional & extended techniques. With Andie Brown, Sophie Cooper,Sharon Gal, Frances Morgan, Estelle baylis, Rebecca Bogue, Luciana Bass, Suke Driver, Jacqueline Grant, Ellen McGee, Aurelia McGlynn-Richon, Emily Seabroke, Clair Urbahn, Suzie Zabrowska.  Camera - Lu Lyndon.


Gals with (acoustic) Guitars. 2012

Goldsmiths Council Chamber, Deptford Town Hall. April 2012. ​Supported by the Goldsmith Annual Fund.

With Sophie Cooper, Estelle Baylis , Rebecca Bogue, Jacqueline Grant, Kelly-Jayne Jones, Sharon Gal, Liepa Kuraite, Jasmin Taylor, Clair Urbahn.  Camera - Lu Lyndon

SOUND OUT participatory performance for a large group of voices (2015) The Victoria & Albert Museum

With Nour Abuhamdan, Deepak Batta , Calum Bowden, Georgina Bowden, Vera Bremerton, Karen Greene, Jim Hill , Emma Houston, Peter Hudson, Audrey Joseph, Una Lee, Angela Legg, Laurent Leniere, Nicky Martin, Megan Owens, Andrew Page, Grace Radford, Martin Reading, Daria Savossina, Natasha Trotman, Mark Wagner, Clifton Wright

SOUND OUT durational performance for (M)any voices. What Happens to Us exhibition, December 2016. Wimbledon Space

With:Gabriella Biazotti, Mark Wagner, Megan Owen, Laura Roig Guarch, Sarah Kent, Deepak Batta, Donna Matthews, Nadia Eldeghidi, Yolanda de los bueis, Brendan O'Connor, Conny Prantera, Anastasia Freygang, Luise Stevckart

Images by  Ben McDonnell

L'esprit d'escalier - A collaborative performance for voices in a staircase

7th May 2011. Deptford Town Hall, New Cross, London.

Sharon Gal with Sophia Efthimiou, Rory Allen, Kate Mahony, Guy Harries, Giulia Messana-Loi, Adam Fenton, Elisabetta Ferrero, Carrol V. Wilson , Daniella Valz Gen, candace Hilton, Janneke van der Putten, Zelda Moehring.

20th January 2013. Arnolfini Gallery. Bristol.

Sharon Gal with Rachel Bedford, Rachel Clark, Alberto Dominguez, Leona Jones, Kane Moor, Lindsey Shaw-Miller. Camera - Rhiannon Chaloner

L'esprit d'escalier 23.2.2010. The Old Town Hall, Tel Aviv

LONG DRONE, a participatory durational composition & performance.

3rd of July 2010 as part of Venus Rising @ the Magnificent Basement Gallery. London.

The event was curated by Sharon Gal in collaboration with ALISN.

It also included a film programme and solo performances. With participation from Chas De Swiet -- Violin, Ivor Kalin -- violin, Frances Morgan -- violin, Ali Warner --Voice, Agnes Hay - voice, Portia Winters -- Voice, Carmel Morrissey -- voice, Sharon Gal -- Voice /keyboard, John Mackenzie - Voice, Udit Duseja - Voice, Amy Corcoran -- guitar, Richard Young -- bass, David O'connor -- sax, Sofie Cooper -- Trombone, Chris Cook - Sitar, Chantal Riekel - Flute, Gary Jeff -- Bowed objects, Grahame Painting - Cello, Paul Shearsmith - Baliphone , Moshi Honen - Stylophone, Tim Flitcroft -- Ukulele /electronics, Maria Jose Sousa -- Harmonica & Djembe, Dominic Simpson - shaker.  Filmed by Serena Andreini

LONG DRONE (2010) - Resonance FM's Gone with the Wind sound exhibition @ Raven Row Gallery.London. Camera - Dana Gior

Durational, spatial performance for acoustic instruments, bells and voices.
With: Giulia Loi - Voice, Ali Warner - Voice / bells, Bernard Burns Voice / bells, Guy Harries - Voice / flute/ bells, Alison Blunt - Violin, Ivor Kallin - Violin, Noura Sanatian - Violin, Grahame Painting -- Cello, Luca Nasciuti - Cello, Andie Brown - Dbl bass, Dave Tucker - Dbl Bass, Mao Yamada -

Dbl Bass, Graham MacKeachan- Dbl Bass, Sophie Cooper- Trombone, Paul Shearsmith - Trombone, Richard Sanderson - Russian button accordion, Jamil Samad - Harmonium

Toy Orchestra explores collective music making in a fun, playful environment. Using toys, we investigate various possibilities of sound creation, combining simple instructions to develop a collective composition. The Happening, a site-specific, performance & sound event was curated by Sharon Gal in September 2007. The 4 days programme included live improvised music, recordings, sound sculptures, poetry, artists interventions, group compositions and audience participation. It took place in the five rooms of the basement @ V22 Gallery, Dalston, London.

Room to Breathe (FINALE​) - Participatory durational performance

4th of July 2009 In collaboration with ALISN

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