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Call for Participation Gals with Guitars

    You are invited to take part in Gals with Guitars, an experimental and collaborative group composition& performance.


This electric performance invites participation from female guitar players and you will need your own guitar and a small amplifier. The composition will be developed on the 27th  and 28th of April and performed on Sunday afternoon 28th April at The Vortex in London (times below).


The piece explores sound making, with traditional and extended techniques. This time around we will focus on noise, working with distortion, experimenting with different patterns, ideas and possibilities that will be combined to create the longer composition and public performance.


Link to a previous performance (This is only a guide as each performance is unique)


To take part you have to commit to attend a process over two days: Saturday 27th  12 pm - 5pm & Sunday 28th 11am 5 pm with a public performance at 3.30pm. The process and performance will take place at The Vortex club in Dalston, London.


Some playing experience is preferable but you do not have to be an expert player in order to take part.


This is a profit share opportunity


Please send an email with some information about yourself, your experience and interest to  with the subject heading VORTEX.   

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