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Summer Candy Winter Magic From the Melanchoholic vinyl release. American Tapes Label

Commissioned in 2014 for Kakania, a project exploring the legacy of the Habsburg era through contemporary, original works of text and art. This piece relates to songs composed by Anton Webern, and in particular, song cycle, “Fünf Lieder” Op. 3, which was significant in the development of Webern’s early atonal style.

Feel the Noise - Collaborative, participatory large group performance @ Goldsmith's Large Hall 2018. 

SOLO LIVE  with projection - Various

SOLO - Light n Shadow.jpg
4. Hat  Shadow Colour n Projection 2014-
BA 10.2.2017 Dimitri Djuric.jpg

Live @ Bastard Assignments

coos_sharon-gal-with Andie Brown.jpg

Colour Out Of Space Festival


Live @ Hack the Barbican


For Anton Webern Live @ Rich Mix London

1. with Charles H 23.06.2018.jpg

With Charles Hayward @ Cafe OTO Project Space


The Large Crater

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